Monday, October 10, 2016

Speedcubeshop affiliate link

What? karlzhao314 is selling out?

Well, I guess some would say it that way.

I really enjoy playing with puzzles, especially new releases, and I enjoy writing reviews about them. It's great knowing that my reviews have helped people choose their perfect cube, and that other content like my magnetic GTS tutorial has helped people create their own magnetic cubes, whether it's a GTS or some other cube.

Unfortunately, when you buy a lot of cubes like I do the costs add up quick. The solution is to not buy so many cubes, but that means less reviews. So I've created a Speedcubeshop affiliate link in hopes that it could help offset those costs and more easily get me new puzzles to review for you guys.

Speedcubeshop is a truly lovely site run by a very active member of the community and one of the coolest people I've ever known. Their prices are great, especially with a few of the 10% discount codes that are perpetually active. What really makes their site special, however, is the extraordinarily high standard of customer service - nearly every order is always packed and shipped in the same day, and any customer support questions are responded to in unbelievable speed - I've had emails that were responded to in literally 30 seconds.

So if you haven't used Speedcubeshop before, try it out! You will almost certainly find it an amazingly fast and enjoyable experience. And if you enjoy reading my reviews, please consider using my affiliate link - it doesn't cost anything to you and really does help me write more reviews.

karlzhao314's Speedcubeshop affiliate link

I'll let all of you pick what puzzle to review, no holds barred, if the link turns out to be effective.

Thanks for reading and thank you very much if you do use my link!

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