Wednesday, August 10, 2016

KZ's Cube Review started!

Hi everyone!

You might know me from my previous blog, here. I started that blog originally with the intent to share my 3D printing endeavors and other miscellaneous projects, but ever since I got back into speedcubing I realized, cubes are much easier to write about than 3D printers. So I wanted to get into writing reviews.

Only, to me it seems that cube reviews didn't fit the tone of that blog. So here we are, a blog dedicated to cube reviews only.

The goal is to build a catalogue of a review of every one of the nearly 40 (and counting) distinct 3x3s I currently own, including legacy 3x3s to give readers a view of the past as well as new and upcoming 3x3s to give an idea of the latest advancements in 3x3s. Since I primarily buy 3x3s I'll be focusing primarily on them, but I'll also be reviewing larger cubes, 2x2s, and other miscellaneous puzzles as I get them, which may help alleviate any boredom from the endless stream of 3x3s.

I'm planning to start with comprehensive reviews of several cubes I'm already familiar with: the Weilong GTS, the Guoguan Yuexiao, and the Qiyi Thunderclap version 1. From there I'll branch out a bit, maybe get into some Fangshis or even the YJ Square One. If you have any 3x3s you want me to review, drop a comment down below: chances are I have it, but even if I don't I could probably work something out to get it.

Thanks for reading everyone! I look forward to trying and writing about all of the cubes!

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