Friday, August 12, 2016

MF8 Square 1 v3 quick thoughts

Very quick blog post, not even a first impressions. Just got the MF8 Square-1 v3 in today.

I thought it might hold some promise, being a post-Qiyi SQ1. Nope, it's really bad. It can barely corner cut at all and flat out refuses to reverse cut (the Florian holes don't actually serve to do anything it seems). I even get seemingly internal lockups where all of the layers are perfectly aligned but the cube refuses to turn. The turning of the layers is stiff and catchy, and has an extremely scratchy feel that feels out of place in a SQ1. Slicing is much faster and smoother, but that doesn't help much when it takes so much fiddling to get it to slice.

I'm well aware the YJ SQ1 isn't the best SQ1 on the market, but next to this it feels like it's from heaven.

Anyways, the YJ SQ1 review, which was one of the most requested reviews, will be up very soon. I'll also be reviewing the Qiyi at some point and comparing the two, as well as getting started on 3x3 reviews like I intended this blog to be about. Not sure if this one is worth a review, it's just so awful.

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